To change filament during a print on a D12 3D printer, follow these steps:

In the first step, download the file. "PauseWanhao"

Then in Cura, click on "Help" and then "Show Configuration Folder."

Copy/Paste the file into the "Script" folder.

Restart your Cura!!

GCode preparation with Pause for filament change using the plugin.

Import your STL and open the "Extensions" menu, then "Post-Processing," and finally "Modify G-Code."

Click on "Add a script."

Then click on "Pause Wanhao D12."

In the menu that appears on the right, you just need to choose the layer at which you want to make a pause (here it's 48 by default).

You can then add another script if you want to make another pause, and so on, according to your preferences.

You just need to start slicing your file after making your usual settings. The script will be indicated at the bottom right by a red number that shows the number of pauses.

The printer will emit a beep once it reaches the pause layer, the print head will move to the front left of the bed and lift slightly. You will need to press the "Pause" button on the screen, and the head will lift to confirm.

You just need to remove the filament, change the color, or perform any other action planned at that moment, then resume the print by pressing "Resume/Reprendre."

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